So, I’ve really been missing Deb lately.  Again.  Still.  And I was reminded of this goofy little song that makes me laugh but also helps me access my feelings.  If you don’t already think I’m a sick pup, perhaps this will change your mind.

WARNING: Some of you may consider the following blasphemous and all sorts of other ways inappropriate.  I don’t.  Pray for me if you will.  But if this messes with your christology or otherwise offends your world view, I’m praying right back.  🙂

This one goes out to all of the widowers.

The convoluted thing about it is that the song (which I first heard on “Fresh Air,” while I was at the gym a couple of months ago, fwiw) is actually the second major revelation of how I’ve been feeling.  In fact, it was more a reinforcement than a revelation.  The first came through a scene in a movie, of which I plan to write later.  And the third was a segment on “This American Life,” which I listened to today.  The bit on TAL is what got me thinking of the song and made me decide I should go ahead and post it.

Of course, I don’t consider this a completely accurate depiction of who Jesus is or how I relate to Him.  And there are lots of other ways that it doesn’t fit.  But there are some important ways in which it does.  Probably, too, the song without the video might be a little easier to relate to and to relate to my situation, but the video is too funny not to share.  I don’t think I should have to say all of that, but there I did.  Relax already.

Oh, and this isn’t the kind of music I usually listen to, but somehow the genre fits the feeling.  Maybe I can appreciate down-and-out, I-need-another-drink country music . . . sort of.

Most especially, please consider this a response to that “comforting” thought that our departed loved ones have been called up by the Lord because “He needs them” there more than we need them here.  I do love the people who have shared that notion, but it’s unbiblical and it doesn’t help.  Idunno, maybe there are folks who do find it helpful or who can ignore it like so much white noise.  FYI, I’m not one of ’em.  No harm, no foul; now you know.

I have many other thoughtish things to say about this and I may say them later and link back.

Enjoy.  And ponder if you dare.

Update: they yanked the video from Youtube, but I found it on FunnyOrDie. Then it showed up on YouTube again.